Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello morning...?

this makes me happy (image from decorology)
Today is not a good morning
and when that happens I start to complain...
today I can complain about how rebellious and contradicted a 3 years old can be I kept my vacation photos from facebook for a month  (still hard to see my grandpa's pics) and when I finally decided to share them with family and friends the internet is soooooo ..not working.... i have a toddler who keeps getting out of the bath tub (on his own!)... about flying ponys and crying sisters..  I can tell you about our kitchen floors full of puzzles pieces (add to that we had pancakes with lots of raw honey for breakfast) 
and my crappy kitchen cabinet who keeps falling apart and wont find a replacement for it...
See I am very good at complaining when its not a good morning...
But today I am doing my hair and going for some delicious lunch at Cafe Rio with a lovely friend

How about that morning???

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