Monday, September 12, 2011

Cubicle Decor

 via Pinterest

Sometimes I wonder what working in a cubicle is like... 
and then I hope I keep wondering Ha!

I am happy! It is Monday, a new week started!
I am excited for this one (not sure why!) 
 kids are doing better I might take them to the doctor today just in case... 
I kind of really hope is not a virus (again)... 
I probably spend more money on virus than on my own wardrobe.. Cheese!!
...there I just gave Lady Gaga a new idea to wear to the next MTV awards!! Scratch that!!
Have any of you work on a cubicle? I just had this crazy idea of doing a make over cubicle 
anyone wants to try it? my services will be free!! 

... And I promise it wont look like this:
(no offense)

Women only! Sorry guys...unless you are not afraid of wall paper

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