Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Refashion Kids Shoes {Dales Nueva Vida a Los Zapatos de tus Hijos}

Today Happiness will show you how to give your old shoes a second third life. It's super easy!!
We found this shoes at a thrift store a few months ago, they were in "like new conditions" but now after months of use and hard play they were looking old and damaged that were screaming facelift!! This is a very easy trick to refashion kids shoes. {Hoy Happiness les va a enseniar como darles vida a un par de zapatos viejos. Es super facil! Encontramos estos zapatos en un bazar de segunda mano, hace algunos meses atras. Estaban en muy buenas condiciones (en ese entonces) pero ahora se empezaban a ver viejos y gastados que ya gritaban facelift!}

1. Paint with Acrylic paint (only damaged parts),I used Martha Stewart metallic paint. {Primero pinta las puntas gastadas y los rayones con pintura acrylica que mejor vaya con el tono de los zapatos.}

2.Tape the tip of the shoes and apply mod podge. {Enreda cinta de pintor o masking tape alrededor de la punta y pon le pegamento para manualidades/blanco.}

3. Put the glitter in a container wide enough to dip your shoes. {Pon la brillantina/glitter en un contenedor lo suficiente ancho para meter la punta de los zapatos.}

4.Dip you shoes {Mete la punta de los zapatos en la brillantina}

5. Clean the edges and any excess then let them dry {Limpia las orillas y cualquier exceso y dejalos secar.} 

and  Voila !! you got yourself a new pair! 

Did you see that? I am training my daughter to be the next Martha! 


  1. That is a really good idea...I was throwing away Andrea's shoes when they were all scratched but I should do this and save them for Sasha. Thanks

  2. So how did you do it??? I need step by step, I am martha stuart imparred.

  3. Liz its very easy, first find an acrylic paint that is similar to the shoes you want to repair and paint over scratches and marks. Let it dry. Tape the shoes to protect the part you DONT want to put glue on. Apply mod podge and dip it in the container with glitter. Then clean excess (make sure you clean the tape part so when you take it out its a clean line)and let it dry over night. I am pretty sure Abby can do it!



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