Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Makes a Perfect Living Room {Lo que Hace a una Sala Perfecta}

Some living room inspiration:
Algunas salas de inspiracion:

wall art and chandelier {Arte y Candelabro}

mix of modern and classic

lots of pillows and unexpected color {Cojines y color en lugares inesperados}

balance (a must for feng shui!) and some elegance

pattern ...lots and lots {Diferentes texturas.. y muchas!}

comfy chairs and bookshelf  with colorful backgrounds {Sillones comodos y libreros con color en el fondo}

En Casa:

~Paypal SOOOOOOCCKKSSS!!! (it was actually etsy's fault but Paypal gets the blame) gurrrr!!
~Pant-less Ken finally got a new shirt and blue jeans (...hand made by me! woohu!), after my 3 year old complained about Ken's lack of clothes,  ...hope Barbie doesn't mind the modest look. Ha!
~I am finally getting over Adele's 21 album Can't lie to you!

Happy Wednesday People!!

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