Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Stuck Away

What did you do Last Friday night? (I bet you were singing)
I got a really nice surprise and I also got stuck in the snow!
I was ready to play couch potato for the weekend, kettle popcorn, ice cream in the freezer sort of thing when I got a call from Roberto (who was still at work):
"I got news for you! Would you be interested on going on a weekend get away"
"Get ready we are leaving tonight?"
"Wait... do I packed?"
"Ll' Call you on my way home"
"What?...Kids we are going on a little vacation!!!"
"Tiiiiiii....vamos con buelito Mayio...en un avion?"
"No, we are going to stay at a hotel and we are driving"
kids no longer interested....
We had been talking about a local getaway for a while so I was excited. I started packing, even when I didn't know exactly where we were going... honestly I would be happy in underwear as long as we were in a vacation! After 40 loooong minutes or less, I got the full story and added some "real" winter clothes to our bags.

We traveled about two ours North to Eden and stayed at  Powder Ridge Village. At 9000 feet elevation the views are amazing. We got lost and almost got stuck in the snow thanks to our ex-dear-friend the GPS! ....Then in our way home got stuck for real!

Ok forget about the underwear part!!

This is the only pic I have for now (lovely)... I don't know where our camera is (hopefully no under the snow) this is a cell pic at the time we got stuck.....obviously. The whole trip was fun you definitely need a  4x4 to get there and out of there alive! I can't wait to go there again but this time in Summer!!
Happiness ended up liking the trip "La otra casa was fun" she said! and Mati ate all the snow he could! We added this trip to our crazy adventures list and definitely will be framing the picture above! many times did I say stuck!!???

P.S Thanks C!! 

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