Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Fashion for Kids {Moda de Pascua para Niños}

 What are your kids wearing this Easter? We are taking family pictures this Easter and I am giving a lot of thought on what my kids are wearing this year. This is my thinking process...10% is color and prints and the other 90% goes to what could they wear that is cute, comfortable and would last clean for at least an hour??... Is it only my kids the only ones that act like they have ants in their pants anytime a camera is close?

Que es lo que tus hijos se vestiran para celebrar Pascua? En estas fechas estaremos tomando nuestras fotos familiares asi que estoy pensando mucho en que se pondran mis hijos este año. Practicamente asi es como se dividen mis preocupaciones 10% en que colores y gravados y el 90% me preocupa el que puedan vestir que sea lindo comodo y mas importante que dure limpio por al menos una hora! Seran solo mis hijos los que actuan como si trajeran hormias en los pantalones cada ves que les ponen una camara enfrente?


 Do you have any advice for making family picture time fun and EASY for kids? 
 I try candy and cookies before (no thank you!)
 and Cami is afraid of HER balloon getting lost in the skies
{any magic no-messy tricks?!}

Have great Conference Weekend you all! 
what's conference?
see here!

handsome & elegant boy
Hair Do  
Easter Kids 
Little guy 
Boy in the tree 
Flower girl 
Cute dress 
Jacket & Vest 

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