Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mom and Print Mixing

What is Print Mixing? The popular Spring and Summer trend that makes me happy remember?!The whole point is to mix patterns and textures in a careless way that stills aesthetic to the eye. 

Even when I love this trend, I personally think it is not the easiest to wear and there so many ways you can go super wrong. I came to this conclusion not too long ago when my family was visiting me. My mom, my sister and I were shopping at the mall..I could not remember when was the last time the 3 of us when shopping together and I kind of want to say 2004 when I was looking for my wedding dress?...maybe... So while I was being super happy on the other hand I was genuinely making an effort to at least get comfortable with this new trend... in other words I was at Forever 21 trying all the florals, stripes and dots my childless arm could bear...However every time I step out of the dressing room proved to be challenging to my bladder.

I realized I kept seeing this: 

But all my mom saw was this:

LOL...Needless to say I didn't buy any florals that day!



  1. the last photo! too funny. but i agree, mixing prints is so fun!
    xo, great little day

  2. pahahaha! this is great. that old lady is rockin the mixer. its true, sometimes styles seem so crazy to those who aren't engulfed in the now. your mom is cute!



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