Friday, May 25, 2012

Hiking with Kids {De excursion con los mas chicos}

Holy holiday weekend! We are celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend and the kids get to stay with grandma and grandpa!
What are you guys planning for your long weekend? 

If you like outdoors and have little kids I have some good ideas for you. My husband and I love hiking and ever since our oldest was born we are always in the search for easy/kids friendly hikes, here is what you need to know:

1. Plan your hike. It is important to know the area you are going, ask friends for reference or search online. All the trails have a difficulty level you want to find the "Easy" if you have small kids and/or if is the first time for you or your kids. Check your local weather too!
2. Know the length out and back. A easy length for little ones (2-4 years old) would be less than 3 hrs in and out. We have done a 4-5 hrs with our kids but we always carry extra food or have a picnic before heading back.
3. Always have an emergency kit with you. There are some portable or you can carry the most important stuff like band-aids, cortisone, neosporin, insect repellent,sunscreen.. a small pocket knife is always good to have.
4. Snacks and water. Take something that your kids like and it's easy to carry and eat on the go. Our favorites are grapes,granola bars, sandwiches, apples and cheerios. (We try to take the less plastic as possible)
5. Be prepare wear the right shoes (close shoes are always recommended), hats, long sleeve if you are going to the mountains,wear layers in case is too hot/cold and wear sun protection even if is not summer. Always bring a sweeter/light jacket along it doesn't matter how hot it is. If your kids are 1 to 3 yrs old rent/buy some child carrier backpacks.
6. Have a cellphone, tell someone exactly where you are going and when you are planning to be back.
7. Enjoy the moment!

Easy Child Proof Hikes to Start with in Utah:

Stewart Falls you can start the trail on Sundance or Aspen Grove (pictures above). Beautiful scenery during Fall, but if you are planning on soaking at the falls Summer will be the best time. If you hike from Aspen Grove plan for a little trail in the middle of the forest. Lots of birds, squirrels and little animals including snakes crossing the path (yikes!) I try not to freak out and my husband takes the opportunity to teach our kids about safety and wild animals.

Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove only 1.5 miles out and back. Very easy for little ones, my 2 year old walked ran it, although there are some scary drops for an unstoppable two year old short legs runner.

And if you have some experience hiking and want something more challenging but still child proof try the Hot Springs at Spanish Fork Canyon. The hike is 4.5 miles out and back. Beautiful place, a cold beautiful waterfall running on the side of warm soaking pools. I will take some caution if your kids are walking and are the kind of kids that wont listen to your instructions just for the fact that there is a creek on the side for a good part of the trail. We took our kids in carriers and our oldest who was 3 at that time walked a little, they really liked it even when it was dark by the time we got back to our car (we started our hike at 6 pm). Plan also to spend some time at the hot water "soaking pools" they range in temperature the closest to the waterfall being the super most hot. Also lots of people like to hike at night mostly couples and teens so there is kind of a different vibe if you go on a late afternoon. If you plan it early there is more kids in the trail and hopefully no shows at the pool area (if you know what I mean). Love this hike!

P.S. Do you know more kids-friendly trails? I would love to hear more!!

Have an Awesome Weekend!


  1. I love hiking...but last time we took my youngest one it was so hard...a stroller was horrible to push and when i decided to let him walk....i was really worrying too much!!!! but I'm going to have to buy me a carrier. I love the pictures!!!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! What a fun time you had. I haven't ventured hiking with our little one only but once, we did the Timpanogos Cave and overall it was a good experience since we had our little one on a backpack carrier. I'm not much of an outdoor person but I think I will give it a try again this least one more time. Nice to meet you fellow Utah Latina blogger :)



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