Friday, May 4, 2012

Mexican Party

Happy 5 de Mayo! 

We are throwing a party this year and for the years to come or so says the husband!
 It was kind of like a last minute thing just to have an excuse to hang out with old and new friends so I would just keep things "simple" ...unless my inner party planer come out with a better idea...I am guessing nachos and Jarritos would do and maybe some paper flowers, papel picado and Christmas lights for decorations. I mean I am Mexican what could possibly go wrong...right?

Want your Own Mexican Partee?

{Here are some ideas for a last minute Cinco de Mayo Party or Should I say How to throw a Mexican Party in 5 hrs?}

1. Dulce Serenata Spanish for Romantic diner for two: Go to your local Mexican store and get some Saint's candles and two mexican sodas, make a quick stop at the thrift store and see if you spy something colorful to use has a picnic blanket before you pick up some dinner and dessert from your fav mexican place. Create a new pandora station on your phone {something like Luis Miguel or Armando Manzanero} Meet under the stars and don't forget the matches!

2. Los 3+Amigos! Do you know of any Mexican bakery near by? {contact me if you are a local} You can also try your local mexican store. Mexican bread is soo delicious and super cheap that makes it the ideal treat to share with your 20+ best friends...make sure you buy some Chocolate Abuelita a mexican hot cocoa tablets with a very strong and delicious flavor. Have them over and watch an old Mexican movie together look for "cantinflas" or "el Santo y las momias de Guanajuato" on youtube...super funny!

3. Viva Pinata! Its kind of late to make your own pinata but if you go to a Mexican store they have lot of sizes and prices to choose from ( I hope), while there get some mexican candy to put inside. Make some tacos, brake the pinata and finished it up dancing to loud music, I am sure your kids will enjoy this. If you would like to make it more authentic ask for the game "Loteria" at the mexican store its pretty cheap and easy to play makes it ideal for little kids ...there is not Mexican who doesn't know what that is! Have Fun!

Viva Mexico Senioritas!

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