Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Wall Poster

It's been long since I do a DIY and I was thinking maybe I can show you how to do a cute poster for your home

...Don't you love all the Etsy posters?? 

 My friend and I were in the etsy business like a year ago or so.......two un-wean babies, a toddler with an attitude, and two church callings latter and we abandoned the ship 
...with the hope of doing it again. {It was fun!} 

 I have some friends with etsy shops that I would love for u to meet (perhaps another day)... and for that n more..   

I am a big etsy/ hand-made supported

in other words buy etsy!!


And after my awkward "all over the place" post today here it is:


 DIY How to Make your Own Etsy Poster

 1.Print the phrase you want on regular paper (tape it together)
2. Find a sunny window n tape it to the glass (so it won't move)
3. Put the "nice" paper on top, I used watercolor paper since I was using watercolors to fill in the letters (you can also use markers)
4. Trace it with a sharpie, (fill in letters optional)
5. Fill in letters with watercolors/markers, etc



Have Fun People! 


 P.S Dear C do you remember when we used to do all-nighters and 2 hrs trips to that ONE store?? :-)


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