Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you know me?

Last night my husband asked me... do you think I am the person who knows you the most? (We were playing a game to tell each other something that we didn't already know).

I paused and thought about it... and the most genuine answer I found was that I don't think I even know myself!

These past days after the death of my abuelo I have been feeling anxiety every time I go to bed.. and during the day I keep myself busy, that I don't even "find" time to call family and/or friends. I thought of taking some time to paint (a good 6 hrs alone) but still felt the same way. I have been giving away half of our clothes, organizing closets and boxes (that we don't even open) and I have found peace and happiness (sort of) by color coordinating our closets (yes! even the kiddos!).  Weeeeiii-rrdd!!
So after thinking about it and recalling past years and experiences I realize this is how I cope with "upseting" things... and I don't even think is upset, it  is more like a lack of control. When my life feels a little out of my control I look for things that I am able to control and organize closets.. I guess.

Mami siempre hice eso?

So for now,our 5 closets are neat an organized  and the only down side  of all these crazy organization is that the rest of the house is out of control and unorganized like laundry, cable bills, etc.
Oh well!
You can't beat them all...can we?
How do you or your kids cope with upsetting/new things?

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