Monday, June 20, 2011

Hurray for ponytails!!

My daughter laughs at me (she is 3) every time I asked her if she wants a ponytail, she would reply to me with a [mom-you-are crazy-look] "that's not a pony?!?!..."
Every time I put something on my hair (gel,mousse,etc) to leave it caused me to have a bad- hair-day the next day and let's face it.. I can't Do, nor wash my hair every day! Es mas!! some days I am just lucky to get a ponytail!!
Luckily for me and all people with bad hair days "Despeinado", "Messy" ,careless, just woke up hair, is now CHIC, So today I will post some good ideas to get the most out of those days!

The first is from Enizio the most awesome hair and makeup team in Utah!

  Click HERE for tutorial

And these easy step by step ideas from A CUP OF JO:

Messy Side ponytail:


Happy Bad Hair Day every one!!

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