Friday, June 17, 2011

Building Bridges

The older he was the bigger his heart...
I can believe it has been two weeks without him already ...
There is a quote by Charles Swindoll an American writer that says
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it 

He is the best example I have for it. He grew up in poverty and by that I don't mean he only had two pairs of shoes or did not get any toys for Christmas... They (his brothers and sisters) had to worry for food everyday... his dad (my great grandfather) abandoned them when they were little and my great grandmother raised them alone. When he was young he looked for his dad, and after founding him and listening to what he had to say, he never look for him again. He lost a small brother who was looking for grains (to re-sale) on the train tracks. He buried his second daughter, lost his mom of cancer,and  battled cancer himself twice ...and the list goes on.
I don't remember seeing him complaining over his "luck", or blaming others, even with terminal cancer... he was hiding his pain from us all.

I never knew all of these...
Spring 2011
Growing up he was a successful businessman who had his own business, had a very contagious humor, always pray before eating, love to bargain and always had change to spare among his grand kids.  He was our Santa, we would literally gave our list to him! He built bridges for his family, for us, for me, so we would not have to know the word hunger. He knew what he was doing... what he needed to do... No one told him to do so, no one told him he could do it and many told him he couldn't... But he just knew he had to do it... and he did it.  He built the bridges for us to we will no go trough what  he did.
He also married the girl of his dreams, and love her until his very last breath. He knew God and I know God knew him and received him with open arms.

I am so proud of you Abuelo, I am sorry I feel like I didn't have enough time to return the favor, Thank you!

I wish we could talk...

I miss you a lot... we all miss you.

Tu tuza

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