Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Spartan's wife!

 I am in love with Roberto! One of his many qualities is that he is my husband!!  :)
But his very best (i think) is that he is crazy (ok ..self motivated/driven individual sounds better...but I say he is crazy!) he is no afraid of new things and when he might feel like he is..he pushes himself (sometimes me) to DO IT! just like that! Like running this crazy 8mile obstacle race with not even a month to prepare CRA-EE-ZY!! (told you!)

This 8m Spartan Race will be run in a base elevation of 5477.6’ and a summit elevation of 6831’We don't know exactly what kind of obstacles will be but we know there is fire, mud, water, barbed wire, ice and occasionally "Hell on Earth". There is no map for the race and every time you cannot complete one of the obstacles you go back and do a number of push-ups before you try it again (can you believe you have to pay for this?).
I am so excited for him!
.....and yes I am kind of worry but he will be ok... he is awesome!

and yes papi he has life insurance!

Good luck mi amor!


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