Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ideas para el cuarto de los ninos [Kid's room ideas]

A peticion ideas para cuartos de ninias. By request, cute ideas for girls room.

 Porque creo que ellos merecen ser rodeados solo por cosas bellas que les inspiren y recuerden que son unicos y especiales y que el mundo es bello y emocionante. Because I believe kids should be surrounded only by beautiful things that would inspire and remind them of how unique and special they are and that the world is truly a beautiful and exciting place.


  1. Awesome! I sure wish my budget (of $0) could keep up with my ideas and plans. :) Then my kids would have great rooms.

  2. Valerie I know exactly what you mean my taste and my budget are way far apart! I am looking for ideas for a post with almost no budget just for us....I believe is possible it just takes longer but doable!



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