Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!!

We just finished hiding the rest of the candy and hopefully we are all done with what it felt like a two day candy-thon...

 This year we tried a new strategy (apparently supported by a friend of a friend who happens to be a dentist... Don’t you just love these things!)


We let the kids eat all you can eat (candy) for tonight and the rest we would:

 “throw it away” 


(but in reality we save it for “emergencies” and potty training motivations...yes we are great parents!)


Well apparently it’s less harming (for the teeth...of course) to eat all at once than one or two candies per day…

(and today for the first time I realized not having close nutritionist/doctors friends could be actually a good thing!) …bobbling again…


We were just celebrating “no cavities day” this week and believed me… I wasn’t going to risk it (and if you saw my kids at the dental office you would totally agree with me on this one!)   


Anyways that trick started to work after an hour…they started giving us their candy away or just open-tasting-don’t like it sort of thing… by the end of the night and after running around the house like racing cars, they willingly and humanly put the rest of the candy in a plastic bag, cleaned their teeth very well and went to bed… it is amazing how exhaustive sugar rush can be! 


And so I am happy to report all candy has been seized, and we had another happy Halloween full of blessings and good memories, hope yours were awesome too!  




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